Natural Cladding

A new generation wood siding

Everything you need to know about Natural Cladding:

Natural Cladding: a virtually knot-free, clear-grade hardwood which provides excellent durability and exceptional stability.

Natural Cladding® is produced using the latest thermal modification process – applying heat, steam and pressure to the timber. The process reduces the ability of the cells within the timber structure to absorb water compared to non-modified timber. This reduces the fibre saturation point to around 16% (from the normal 27%), resulting in an increased dimensional stability (i.e. less chance of any shrinking or swelling occurring). Natural Cladding® is particularly desirable for projects which require a high degree of stability and/or a consistent colour with a knot-free look.


  • Thermally modified hardwood
  • Excellent stability and durability
  • Attractive virtually knot-free look
  • Naturally consistent colour
  • Ideal for coating
  • No chemicals used
  • Sourced from sustainable forests

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